"Charter Your Jet...And Get Charter Revenue!"


CharterMyJet is operated and managed by a group of tenured aviation professionals who share in offering 55 years worth of experience in various areas of aircraft charter, management, legal, and brokering expertise.  The competitive advantage of this management group is that they are able to offer both the "Aircraft Owner" and the "Charter Operator" the most efficient and most cost effective approach that matches them based on what type of aircraft the Charter Operator is in need of in order to better serve their clients and emerging markets, and the Aircraft Owner who needs help in creating "Charter Revenue."

...Next, both parties are walked through a proven "unbiased" business model through existing Charter Operators, Management Agreements, and Part 135 Aircraft Requirements in order to be able to "Add Aircraft" to their already successful and proven "Charter Certificate."  From there, the Aircraft Owner's Aircraft is then "Added" to the Charter Operator's fleet and promoted to it's best valued potential."  Much needed revenue is then created, so the Aircraft Owner can more easily cover expensive maintenance and costly inspections.

...CharterMyJet is only able to "MATCH" Aircraft Owners with proven and experienced Charter Operators because of the specialized database that is called "CAN:"  "Charter Aircraft Needed."  So, next time your aircraft is sitting and no revenue is coming in to help cover the expensive costs associated with owning, flying, and successfully operating an aircraft, give CharterMyJet a try and start creating charter revenue today!